"I am a garden."

I came across an impactful message this morning and would love to share and reflect on it! "Imagine your mind like a garden and your...

On my mind.

Be here. Be present. Embrace the trip around the sun. It’s so important to be present and connected in each moment you are in because it...

LAND slide

Fleetwood Mac, my absolute favorite band/musicians of all time. I’ve been singing Landside all day. Started the sunshine filled morning...

Woah, that was a week!

What a week I have had. Isn't it interesting how when one thing goes wrong, a couple more just seem to fall in line right after? Oh my,...

Line up with your Leo.

Could you keep up with that Leo energy today? Woah, today was a day. The girls were active all day long, little lionesses taking it all...


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