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Coconut oil, it’s a sought-after, almost sacred item in our household haha! It’s amazing the various ways you can incorporate it into your daily and it’s non-toxic of course!

First, let’s talk the kinds of coconut oil you can come across. The basic difference between the solid and liquid version of coconut oil is this, the solid is ingestible and the liquid isn’t!

The common-seen solid in the jar is great for cooking. It can also be heated to a liquid form - to make DIY goodies. When buying this type of coconut oil, I recommend virgin, unrefined organic - best of the best! I use the solid form in place of olive oil when cooking, use it as a diaper cream and lotion for my girls (since they were babies). Use it for baby acne, dry skin, chapped lips, the list goes on. It’s amazing! And I also use the solid form for coconut oil pulling (pulls out toxins from your body and whitens your teeth!)

The liquid version, known as fractionated coconut oil is always in the liquid state. This is commonly used as a massage oil base and is your base in most roller ball recipes with essential oils. It’s also a great addition to a DIY hand soap, I’ll share mine another day!

Beauty tip: I also use this as my makeup remover. It’s non-toxic so no irritation and it’s moisturizing your face all at once!

Coconut oil is such a great way to simply and slowly replace some toxic stuff that interacts with your home and body. Lotions, hand soap, makeup remover, teeth whitener, diaper cream, cooking options - it’s so versatile! So if you haven’t dabbled with coconut oil, I encourage you too!

If you have questions or comments, I’m here to listen!

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