Center your focus with Vetiver

Have you ever heard of Vetiver? It's an earthy essential oil that smells smoky, but somewhat sweet. It's a strong scent I will say, but very impactful.

I use it primarily for focus and concentration. It is a great oil to diffuse in your study area or office. Or apply it to behind your ears or on your wrists with a carrier oil to maximize its benefits.

Because Vetiver is quite bold, I like to diffuse it in my work space with a combination of other oils to help tone it down. Here's some of my favorite combinations!

Vetiver + Lavender (promotes focus in a calming environment)

Vetiver + Orange (promotes focus while uplifting your mood)

Vetiver + Patchouli (promotes focus and stress relief in the ultimate woodsy aroma)

With a lot of us working from home these days, we need any type of nudge to get the job done, right?! So adding Vetiver to your oil collection is a must!

Looking for oils? I can help!

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