Fall 🍁 inspired all purpose cleaner recipe

It’s Wellness Wednesday and I got a recipe for all you Fall lovers! I used this combination of essential oils when I made my cleaner last week and it smells like that crisp, autumn air! And not only does it smell wonderful, but the unique combination of oils sanitizes and cleans any surface effectively.

Cinnamon ✔️ Anti-viral properties

Clove ✔️ Anti-bacterial properties

Orange ✔️ Anti-septic properties

Rosemary ✔️ Natural bug repellent (ants in the kitchen?! This will help!)

This is a non-toxic, all-natural cleaner recipe that works on all surfaces of your home. Perfect for countertops, bathroom, kitchen, floors - I even use it on the windows!

What you need:

2 T Castile soap unscented

40-45 drops of essential oils:

12 drops Cinnamon, 12 drops clove, 12 drops orange, 9 drops rosemary

Filtered water

16oz amber spray bottle

How to:

Combine soap and oils first in small bowl or container. Add mixture to spray bottle. Fill remaining space of bottle with filtered water (until about 3/4 full). Give bottle and good shake!

Time to get cleaning! Happy Fall! Fun fact: Use this combination of cinnamon, clove, orange, and rosemary for your diffuser too! 😁

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