"I am a garden."

I came across an impactful message this morning and would love to share and reflect on it!

"Imagine your mind like a garden and your thoughts are the seeds. You get to choose what seeds you plant in it. You can plant seeds of positivity, love, and abundance. Or you can plant seeds of negativity, fear, and lack. You can also spend time trying to take care of everyone else's garden. Or you can work on making yours beautiful and attract other beautiful people to your garden." @_Jakewoodard

As I start a new week focusing strongly on selfcare, this message resonated with me so deeply. How important is it to truly take care of ourselves and imprint positive thoughts, actions, words, etc. into the very core of our well being? It shapes our mindset, attitude, everything. It inspires us to grow and learn. I've always been someone who puts everyone else ahead of me - I sincerely love to help people - I feel like it's my purpose, but I began to notice that this wasn't the healthiest thing for my mindset, image, or straight-up vibe. I started putting my feelings, my thoughts, my opinions to the back of my mind, in a corner - which wasn't fair to myself. But a change will do you good and with some lessons in selfcare, it encouraged a shift. It all starts with you!

So to wrap up - read the above message, read it slowly and take a few minutes today to water your soul. Take care of your garden so it grows and prospers in amazing ways. And as your garden flourishes, it will be noticed and you will be the inspiration of another's beautiful garden.

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