LAND slide

Fleetwood Mac, my absolute favorite band/musicians of all time. I’ve been singing Landside all day.

Started the sunshine filled morning off by making cinnamon banana oat muffins with the girls, put on some Fleetmac tunes and Landslide comes on. Oh my, all these feelings explode from my heart with each lyric and tears are clouding my eyes. Never have those lyrics been any more clear and reflective of my life right now. I’ve always loved the song, but now it’s with such a new light and love.

“Well, I’ve been afraid of changing cause I’ve built my life around you.” And surely that’s what I did. Once my girls came into the world, they became my world. And I’ve changed.

“Children get older, I’m getting older too.” How true, my oldest daughter will be four this year and my youngest will be one in less than a month and time has just flown by. They’re growing up, I’ growing growing older - my first baby and chocolate lab is adding to the years. But isn’t that the cycle of life? It’s bittersweet, you want time to slow but at the same time it’s exciting to see what’s coming up next. I love being a part of each phase of my girls’ lives. It’s amazing to watch them grow, learn, and flourish.

My little reflection of this day is embrace the warmth of the sun, be present in every moment with your children, practice patience, and enjoy all the little gifts that each day brings.

Today I feel warmth, joy, and contentment. And I’m gonna keep singing Landslide.

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