Laundry BOOST recipe

I am so excited to share this recipe with yall! It is one of my favorites because it's effective, easy to make, and it smells so damn good!

I started looking into laundry boost recipes because we recently found out that the water at our home is super hard. We are actually looking into a water treatment system because it's that hard. Crazy! It's severely dried out my hands from doing dishes, doing bath time with my girls, and even just folding laundry. It's terrible! I've been doing some reading on the water provided in our homes (we have city water) and it's blowing my mind how toxic it can be. I had no idea!

But anyways, after some trial and error I put together this recipe and it is AMAZING. It will leave your clothes nice and soft and BONUS, smelling nice.

So here it is! I always double the recipe! Shelf life is a 1 year but you'll use it up sooner, I promise you that haha!

1 C Epsom salt

1/4 C baking soda (I started using Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda Detergent Booster & Household Cleaner) easily found on Amazon

32 drops of essential oils of your choice! Here are my two favorite combinations, eek!

8 tea tree + 8 lemon + 8 lavender + 8 wild orange

8 thieves + 8 lemon + 8 eucalyptus + 8 grapefruit

I combine all the ingredients in a glass airtight container and give it a good shake!

Simply add 1/4 C of your mixture to the top of laundry load in addition to your regular detergent.

E N J OY!!

And as always if you're looking for essential oils, please reach to me and I can help you get what you need. Link below for the goods!

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