Line up with your Leo.

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Could you keep up with that Leo energy today? Woah, today was a day. The girls were active all day long, little lionesses taking it all in!

It’s the first full moon of 2021! My goal for each month is to read a new book, I’ve started “The only astrology book you’ll ever need” about two weeks ago and it is so interesting to learn more about our signs, the planets, and how we are basically aligned with the universe. If this realm interests you, I highly recommend this book. It’s simple and understandable and full of info!

Anyways, this Leo full moon - the first one of 2021. It is said to be the powerhouse of full moons, lots of energy. Be bold, creative, self- expressive, and let go of what no longer holds you.

We are all artists. Grab life by the mane and create!

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