She reads books to fill up and live.

To me, reading is a top enjoyment in my life. It almost serves as a place of meditation for me. I’m relaxed, focused, and calm. It’s a state of mind, a hidden secret. So I knew that reading would be on my 2021 goal list: 1 book each month.

I’m a better person when I read. It grounds me, makes me feel good about myself.

I just finished a good read for February, “The Only Astrology Book you’ll ever need.” It was great! A good change-up to my usual reading material. The realm of astrology has always interested me, but I just think the whole subject was a bit intimidating to me so I just never dug into it. This is a detailed, yet simplified read that really explains the science well! It talks about all the signs - in every direction. I know it’s a book I’ll be randomly referencing as I go through my life.

For March, I’ve chosen to read “The Miracle Morning” because I need some help in the morning wake-up department, yikes! I want to wake up ready and geared to take charge of my day, but frankly a lot of the time the girls are waking me up and there we go! I want to be more productive in the early hours of the day - whether it’s me time, or prepping for the day with my girls, or getting some work in. It’s an area I lack and it’s been bothering me. Maybe I’m tough on myself because I have two little girls and they do wake up randomly at night and it’s still hard for me to get a good nights sleep, does that ever get better?! Haha! But it’s an area of my life I feel that I need to improve. So I’m hoping this month’s read can turn me into an early bird, fingers crossed!

Be well and take time for you!

Happy March!

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