Steam it up!

As we enter Spring, we also enter sinus season. So I thought it would be a good time to chat about steam inhalations with essential oils. Steam inhalation is an effective, all-natural way to combat sinus infections and colds. By adding essential oils geared towards respiratory relief and inflammation to your steam session, you can help ease your ailments more effectively.

How to do it?

- Steam inhalation in a mug: Simply add a couple drops of essential oils to a steamy cup of water and inhale. This introduces warm, moist air into your lungs through the nose and throat, which can alleviate difficultly breathing and inflammation, but also increase circulation.

Next time you are suffering from some major stuffiness and buildup, do this! You'll thank me later - it's instant!

Add 1 drop of Oregano, Peppermint, Tea Tree, and Lemon to a steamy mug of water and inhale. And boom, the SINUS BOMB - you're welcome!

- Steam inhalation in the shower: How lovely does this sound? Add a few drops of essential oil to the bottom of your shower (I prefer eucalyptus) and simply allow the steam to surround you and inhale deeply! A go-to for a mood shift, respiratory relief, and just overall good feelings. Again, you're welcome! :)

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