Updated: May 1, 2021

Hi there and welcome to my little space.

I’m Erica, the writer and creator of Lotus Jane + Rose.

My interest in natural living came into full swing when I was pregnant with my first daughter, my light and moon Remington Jane. All I could think about was her fresh new skin entering this world and all the harmful things she’d be exposed to. A little extreme, maybe? But I wanted to make a conscious change to a healthy lifestyle and what an example to set for my two little girls, right?!

Writing has been a part of my daily since I was young, always keeping a diary or journal by my bed. But as you get older, some things you once enjoyed may not seem as important anymore. Man, was I wrong to ditch journaling!

Now that I’m married to my high school honey and a mother to my two sweet little girls, it’s time for me to get back to ME! As much as starting a family is the most absolute blessing you can imagine, it’s tough on ya and tests you in ways you’ve never known - and in the pulling tides of it all, I started to lose myself, who I was and who wanted to be!

So here I am! Beginning again, with that fire of writing and sharing my love of natural living!

From essential oils to daily routines to self care, I hope this can encourage you to take a small step towards low-tox livin!

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