Ways to move towards a low-tox lifestyle

Hey there!👋

Happy April friends! I hope you have a stellar, healthy month ahead of you!!

I thought I’d start off the month with the main menu item of this blog, low- tox livin’! Hey hey!

Low-tox in my own words - the process of eliminating or replacing toxic, high-chemical persons, places, or things to create a happy, healthy life.

Sometimes, I think people view a chemical-free lifestyle as a challenge or are even slightly intimated by it. But please - it's not that way! It's rather quite simple, especially if you start out with small steps. Dip your toes in before taking the big jump! See if it works for you - I promise you though if you make a small, healthy change in your lifestyle, you won't feel bad about it.

Try out these simple all-natural substitutes that will gravitate you towards a lower-toxic lifestyle.

  1. Family/friends that hurt you - let them go! Acknowledge that a healthier you starts with your inner peace and being. Sometimes those toxic people we surround ourselves with have the most impact on our overall wellbeing and health.

  2. Start moving every day! A walk, exercise, get outside, dance with your kids! But get your blood flowing!

  3. Throw out the candles, they're just bad - Get a diffuser and some oils! I can help you out there.

  4. Replace a paper/plastic straw with a metal one.

  5. Get a set of washable cloths for cleaning to minimize your paper towel usage.

  6. Get an insulated water bottle for H2O. No more plastic or paper cups!

  7. Throw out your plastic Tupperware and get a decent set of glass ones.

  8. Eat your greens! Smoothies are a great option!

  9. No more plastic at grocery stores - get a set of reusable grocery bags and also fruit and vegetable bags.

  10. Get yourself a himalayan rock salt lamp - it is said that they emit a stream of negative ions which can purify the air against allergens and pollutants. It also promotes a calm affect to relieve stress.

So how about this, my challenge to you - try to take a low-tox step this month!

live happy and healthy friends!

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