Woah, that was a week!

What a week I have had. Isn't it interesting how when one thing goes wrong, a couple more just seem to fall in line right after? Oh my, that was my week last week.

It started off with messed up sleep schedules with my girls, sometimes they were up all night. Sleeping in the same room was really taking a toll - one waking the other up and mama up all night long! It has been exhausting! But it always gets better and the girls are slowly getting back into our normal groove - and we put them in their own rooms, seems to be helping sooo much! yay!

My youngest daughter has been super clingy starting this week - loves her mama! And it's been hard for me to even walk out of her bedroom when it's time for bed. It's frustrating but I keep thinking about how we can't get this time back so I'm just soaking up the extra snuggles.

My oldest daughter loves to help me cook dinner and while helping me one night, she lost her balance and the stove caught her. That was terrifying for everyone! Everyone was crying, but thankfully she is okay and healing up well!

And last but not least, my new instagram account dedicated to Lotus Jane + Rose was HACKED. ugh! So I had to stop using that. But I'm wondering if it was a blessing in disguise. I'm having a hard time balancing between social media and my private life - and have been second guessing this whole thing because my private life is private ya know?! I won’t be making another Instagram haha and I just want to focus on blogging, my true outlet! If you read my stuff and it’s useful to you, cool! If not, we’re good too!

Cheers to a better week!

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